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Managing Both and Yourself

Children Are A Gift

Kids are truly a gift from God. Being a mom has personally taught me so much. First and foremost, I get to see myself through my children. I also get to see the love of God just by having kids because I know the love I have for my kids. Motherhood teaches you patience, motherhood teaches you how to take care of another human being that is not equipped to take care of themselves, and it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love. I find motherhood to have similarities to ministry. As a leader in ministry you always have to look after those that come to submit under you spiritually, and usually, they don’t understand what is taking place. So you have to take them under you as you would a baby and build them up from scratch.

You have to pray and cover them, and teach them as they grow under you. Being a mom, and seeing how I handle and deal with my kids, has opened my eyes to fully understand how God handles and deals with us as his children. The unconditional love and complete forgiveness that God has towards his children is beyond our imagination, and for parents, having children allows us to see and witness just a fraction of God‘s love towards us.

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This really blessed me..Thanks Prophetess

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